Volvo fh and USB


I get a new Volvo fh on Thursday and I’ve been to have a look at but I can’t get my iPhone to play through the radio via the USB connector on the dashboard, it keeps coming up unsupported device, can any tell me what I’m doing wrong? Would it be better to use a jack plug?

Can’t really say, but have you tried to just Bluetooth it?

Other than that then it must say something in the manual?

Is much better to use the jack plug. Even if the USB does work you have to navigate through all your music on the radio display which is a long labourious affair

Checked the manual and it says conect in the way I have done.
The hands free works through the Bluetooth on the radio so would have to have the work phone using the Bluetooth

Cheers Luke ill get one of those this week

Iphones dont seem to work in the USB plug, my old one never worked with USB just the jack plug.

I have the FH Globetrotter euro 5 on a 58 plate, yours should have a hole labeled “AUX” (auxiliary) that’s how you play music from any phone through the lorry speakers. It works for me in my wagon.

USB charges the phone, or you can purchase music USB sticks which will work in the wagon

It works on the new FH. The song info is displayed on your radio screen and you can use the controls on the steering wheel to fast forward/jump tracks etc.


My nerdy Step son says the I-pod/Phone works on a file system that the Volvo system doesn’t recognize. I had the same prob in my new Volvo the other week. Won’t work in my car for the same reason. Other mp3 players are no problem.

Thanks for help people, jack plug it is then

Can’t be sure, but the problem might be down to the encoding of the audio files on the iphone. The default when ripping CDs using iTunes and for downloaded music from iTunes Store is to encode using AAC format rather than MP3. You can change this in iTunes. It may be that the Volvo stereo is incompatible with the AAC codec being used.

I’m on my third iPhone now (always used MP3 rather than AAC) and never had a problem playing back through car stereos using USB or Bluetooth (where supported).

Another possibility is that not all iPhone USB cables are created equal - Many cheap 3rd party cables work fine for charging and syncing, but are not up to the job when it comes to streaming audio.

But even if you do get it to work, as others have said, controlling the playback through the menus on the Stereo can be very clunky. You may well prefer to use the phone to control playback and simply connect the audio using 3.5mm jack plugs.

I’m surprised some donkey hasn’t suggested you call in vosa. It’s a new motor!!! get in and ■■■■■■■ learn how to use it. Kevmac47.