Volvo ECU repmap.....on a car

I know this post will probably be shunted somewhere but I thought I`d post it here to see if any of you guys have any opinions…

I drive a 56 plate volvo S40 diesel sport which currently puts out about 136bhp. I have doing a bit of digging and have found that it can safely have the ECU re-mapped up to 179bhp. Now,I`m not by any means a boy racer but I do enjoy driving and like the little "extra"grunt under my foot if needed. :wink:

I was just wondering if any of you guys have had this done and what your feelings are in respect of the difference in performance and ecconomy?

Please dont say “Why do you want this as the speed limit is blah blah blah…” as I already know this! :unamused:

I did ask on a volvo forum but I think, as Im a newbie there,they dont like me very much :cry:

So,I thought I would ask some REAL drivers… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :exclamation:

joe it is worth doin

i had it done on a mk 4 oil burnin golf and although it were onlyy an xtra 18hp or so i really noticed the xtra when overtaking. oh and i nearly forgot

slightly better mpg on the long runs.

slightly better mpg on the long runs.

Cheers mate!

I had heard that was another benefit and to be honest that would come in handy. The front 2 tyres are gettting a bit low on tread and was quoted £180…EACH :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

wasnt a huge differenc on the mpg but i noticed it on long runs from aberdeen dow to corsham to see me auntie and uncle

it was somthin like an xtra 40 /50 miles to the tank

I upgraded my personal transport a few months ago to a '53 plate Volvo V70 D5.Never thought of having it “Chipped” as the acceleration is more than adequate,and after a trip to Folkstone and back last week when it returned 65 mpg! I’m more than satisfied!

I have an S60 T5 250 hp :sunglasses:

Who makes the injection system in the volvo diesel motors?

My mondeo tdci popped two injectors as I had it tuned to 160hp over the standard 130. Mine only had 40k on the clock at the time. The deisel specialist said to me not to tune or chip a motor with a delphi injection system as it’s made out of chocolate. Bosh on the other hand he said is rock solid :smiley:

The volvo 136 diesel is the ford engine, same as the focus, mondeo and some mazda’s, Superchips, (who it has to be said are probably the best known for re maps) will only do your car to 157bhp, which is quite high really for the engine, i have a mondeo st tdci estate, which is 155 as standard (2.2 engine), the safe remap for that is only to 185bhp. I have had mine done previously (not by them i have to add) and ended up needing new injectors, air sensors and housings, coupled to a week of the road also, (i was very glad it was done under warranty). My advice would be if you are going to get it done, do you research and have it done by someone that provides a warranty on there work, Mine wasn’t, my previous car to that was done by superchips through audi and i never had a problem with it. I know ford dealers are now offering remaps with warranty and i think volvo do also. I would imagine to get such a bhp you would need to uprate some engine parts also

Well said Greg.

I was £300 for an injector, then £300 again the following week when another injector went. Mine was a Mondeo Zetec S 2.0 tdci 130 done to 160. There is no warning, no moment of sluggishness, no odd cough of smoke boom, that’s it, no matter where you are you’re stopped and there’s no restarting it.

Deffo make sure you get a remap that has a warranty.

Delphi crap

Thanks guys!

The company all the other Volvo drivers reccomend is a tuning company called RICA who are volvo specialists. Spoke to the guy today and apparently the drill is

-take the car in to the garage in the morning

He downloads the software from my car,converts it to a file to send to Sweden via the internet then it comes back “modified” then he down loads it back into the car and says “£460 please,thank you very much!”

Did you notice much difference in the performance in your cars after having the work done?

Thanks again for your replies!

i,ve had my ST done by mountune but its backed by the ford warranty and gives me a nice 260 bhp :smiley:

I have a 2000/X Volvo S40 T4 which i sent to RICA who are top dogs on Volvos. When it went in it was running 200bhp now its got 245bhp.Better fuel economy i go to falkirk from milton keynes regulaly and i save £20 on a run.And if i want to play i will scare the crap out of me and any surbaru or focus st drivers :smiley: not so good on petrol then though lol

It`s RICA that I am considering using!

Or I was,until I read some of the posts about delphi injection systems… :cry:

I really cant fault RICA this my 3rd volvo i have had done by them but they all have been petrol cars though.The difference is like night and day and they have always sorted any problems out always very helpful i have just had to ask and they give a straight answer

Can i get my Micra remapped?

Can i get my Micra remapped?

Anything is possible i think lol