Volvo-comfortable driving in the future

We are two students from Chalmers (Sweden) and we are doing our Master thesis at Volvo Trucks, at Gothenburg.
We would like to investigate comfortable driving in the future, and the thesis’ target group is truck drivers (male and female) whose height is below 5’5" or above 6’.
If you belong in this category and you have driven a Volvo Truck, there is a questionnaire that we would be grateful if you could answer (takes aprox. 5 min).
If you are interested in,please reply at this post in order to send the file directly to you because we are not allowed to attach doc. files.
Thank you!

can you put the mesurment’s in English please feet and inches also tried pm to you it say’s you don’t exist

Can we call you Brian for short? What a freaking username :laughing:

1.65m is very, very slightly less than 5’5" (as makes no real difference).
1.85m is slightly over 6’.
So they’re looking for people under 5’5" and over 6’.
You’re welcome.

Thank you for your help!!I changed it!So if anyone wants, I can send you the questionnaire.By the way,you can call me Eirini :slight_smile:

We had several messages about the length of the questionnaire,so here is a shorter version :smiley: … t=openform