Very lucky driver

This is what happened to one of our drivers last week …

Start at 2:20.

Is he ok? If so lucky break.

I can safely say if that was me driving I’d need a change of underpants!

Bet he’ll get some zb off his employer for that, even though it’s clearly not his/her fault.

I can safely say if that was me driving I’d need a change of underpants!

I hope the ■■■■ driving the van needed more than that, was securing the load too much trouble for him? Sue the ■■■■■■■■ of them!!!

Bloody hell hopes he’s alright. Did the van driver stop or did he take off?

Hope the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ that secured that load gets sent down for a good stretch. ■■■■.

is it only me again that’s thinking it was barney o shamrock that would be a favourite candidate for being the driver?

This is what happened to one of our drivers last week …

very quiet in the cab afterwards. hope he is OK, horrible thing to happen

Hope your mate is ok, how hard would it have been to throw a ratchet strap over that?

Hope the ■■■■ in the van gets the book thrown at him,your mate could of very easily been killed there.

Shrewsbury that

Telford Way if I’m not mistaken.


Holy ■■■■!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Hope your driver was OK and the van driver gets what they deserve.

It looks like the load was secured with a single strap, it’s hard to tell from the video but my guess is that the single strap went straight over the load so wouldn’t hold the load central or hold it together.

That’s no way to secure goods like that and almost guarantees the load will slip if you go round a bend fast enough, shocking load security but shows how important it is to secure things properly.

Very lucky driver

Presumably that means the driver wasn’t hurt ?


Bloody hell, that looks nasty! Hope the driver was ok.

I was waiting for the kid on the bike to go out in front of him, SHOCKING :open_mouth: I hope the van driver got a kicking ! :wink:
Hope your mate is ok ? :cry:

WHY is truck camera showing 2014 dates

Likewise, I hope the driver is OK.
I also hope that van man has a very good insurance company as the ■■■■ bag will need it!
Bit of luck it’ll cost him thousands, he’ll also be filling in forms to the end of time and it’ll serve as
a reminder not to play ‘fast and loose’ with other peoples welfare and safety on the roads when it comes to securing a load.
Total Richard head.

WHY is truck camera showing 2014 dates

The Radio 2 news chatter would date it to be last week. They were talking about that Russian plane that went down.

That scared the ■■■■ out of me :open_mouth: I was waiting for someone to pull out in front or somthing along those lines. Hope the driver is ok.