Velji Bhovan & Sons Wembley

Just after some help really, got a tip there in the morning and wanted to know the best way into the place?
I’ve heard its a bit of a nightmare to get too.


Forgot to mention i will be in an artic.

It is no problem.If coming in heading Eastbound on the A40 turn off at Hanger Lane up the A405 then right at Mount Pleasant 15foot 9 bridge there.
If heading Southbound from the M1 to the A406 North Circular road turn off at Harrow Road A404 past Wembley Stadium then left at Ealing Road A4089.
Dont panic if miss turnings.Just have to go back and try again.Phone number is 020 1355 8900.They can meet you in their car.

Mind out for Londons steel bollards on road corners.Nice wide turns and the motorbikes and cyclists will ride either side of the truck in congested traffic.
Some routes have a time restriction before 7am.
Take your time,it can can hectic with everybody in a mad rush to get nowhere.
Before turning in to your drop,stop and walk down to see if you can get out or reverse down to it.
You never know,they may make a cuppa for you.
There are mobile cars that have a camera on the roof.They do not issue parking tickets as the camera does that.
Lots of cafes around the Wembley stadium area for a coffee.

Thanks for the info, what is it like getting in the yard?

The Google map looks like it is a dead end,i have not been there before.Maybe best to walk down before driving down in case of double parked cars.

I go twice a week hell hole