Vehicle & tacho query

Hello, i hope everyone is well.

I am looking at the possibility of purchasing an ex service fire engine to hire out for parties etc. Does anyone know if the vehicle would need a tachograph please?

Doing exactly what with this vehicle?

Carrying passengers? Sitting on the lawn? Pumping water for a fountain?

O-Licence/Tachograph/Correct driver licence/Correct DCPC?

This would be you operating under hire and reward, so I wouldn’t assume you’d exempt.

But more than tacho requirements, you first need to investigate whether you are exempt from O-licencing

If you fitted the bill for a showman’s exemption that might work, but it’s hard to say if this would be appropriate

Hi Zac, thank you for your reply. I doubt I would fit in the definition of a showman. I will have a look at the other link you gave for operator and do some research. Thanks again.