Vehicle log book

Its nearly 6 weeks since I picked up my new truck and still not received the log book for it yet. Ive looked online for advice and it says it should arrive within 4 weeks and if it hasnt after 6 weeks ive to get in touch. Just wondering if there’s a backlog at dvla and if anyone’s experienced similar recently?

Matt just had one arrive for a new van after 3 weeks but other times its took a couple of months, did you have the new keepers supplement to send off? iff not this can cause delays as Dvla contact the old keeper to tell them someones applied for a logbook and this can cause a delay

I think there’s a backlog for everything at DVLA at the moment, I believe they made redundancies and the remaining staff have refused to work overtime to compensate.

Guess there’ll be space capacity from the paper discs going in due course though, in fairness to the DVLA.

I’ll give it another couple of weeks see if it comes. In the meantime I can search the office for my new keeper slip!