Vehicle inspections

hello,as you may know the law changed referance 3.5 ton vehicles with trailers and you now need an o license to run them,do you need to get the vehicles inspected every 6/8 weeks as you would an lgv ,thanks tony

When you apply for an O’licence you put on the form the inspection regime that you’ll follow.
ie period between inspections and who’ll do it.
So I can’t see it being any different for van and trailers.

There is nothing written in stone about strict 6 weekly vehicle inspections, you just sign a declaration that you will inspect them and always keep vehicles in a roadworthy condition.

VOSA issue a guide partly based on mileage and weeks based on three criteria, Lightly Loaded, Average Work and Arduous Work which suggests periods of between 4 and 9 weeks.

PSV on the other hand are expected to be inspected at least every 10 weeks.

If it was me I would ask the dealer what the advised maintenance schedule is and half it, either using a mileage or time base.

Most vans require a service once a year so I am sure if you said to the TC that you would inspect your light commercial every 12 weeks, he / she would be more than happy