Vans limited to 56?

Have you heard anything about this? … =2&t=46951

Remember hearing it at the beginning of this year, dont know when its due to be introduced though, maybe a better idea would be to introduce limiters to everything that moves then it will

A) Let the car driver see what its like to be limited to 56 mph

B) Stop car drivers deliberately putting their foot down when they see a truck driver put his indicator on to pull out, just so they aint behind it.

C) Save Fuel :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

If you look at all the exemptions such as for UK only work it’s only applicable to 7.5 tonners and then only those registered from 2001, it’s hardly going to apply to anyone save those using twin wheel Iveco Daily on European work.

Davey Driver:
maybe a better idea would be to introduce limiters to everything that moves then it will

A) Let the car driver legitimately get in the way

B) Enable car drivers to join in the overtaking fun and games, holding up traffic on dual carraigeways

C) urine everybody off! :laughing: :laughing:

we have a 7.5 ton limited to 56 mph on a 05 plate

it does both uk and eu work

The Freight Transport Association warns van operators that the requirement for speed limiters to be progressively made operational on vehicles down to 3,501kg gvw has been on-going since 1 January 2005 and will be complete on 1 January 2008.

The first of January 2007 is an important date in this programme. From this date ALL goods vehicles over 3,500kg gvw fitted with Euro 3 engines and first registered from 1 October 2001 to 31 December 2004 will be required to have a speed limiter calibrated to a maximum speed not exceeding 56mph (90kph). The Euro 3 requirement is important as Euro 3 vehicles have the facility to have a top speed limiter already built into the engine ECU. The calibration is therefore an electronic one and does not involve the fitment of brackets, air cylinders or piping.

FTA is aware that few of the vehicles which require speed limiters by 1 January 2007 have been booked into calibration centres to have the speed limiter function activated and calibrated. As the programme has been on-going for almost two years, it is unlikely that the enforcement agency, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), will allow any period of grace. Van operators affected are therefore advised to book calibrations early as there is bound to be a rush during late December.

From 1 January 2007 these vehicles will not be permitted in the outside lane of a three or more lane motorway.


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i think i saw something that said PETROL engined vehicles would be limted to 96kph bizarre or what