Van Uden

Any one know anything about them?

This Lot??

Yep, thats them Kindle, spotted one of them in Germany a couple of weeks ago, and have never seen them before, which is a surprise as i spend a lot of time in Holland. Nice looking kit. I`m over there again on the 20th so will keep an eye out for them.

I have started to photograph trucks on my travels so i will post it one day when i have enough to make a good storey, not many Brits in my collection so far.

Many thanks. Ray.

they have been going for years.
i remember them from the late 70s.
they used to collect and store goods in holland for a shipping company in dublin,now finished…reindear shipping.
i loaded in there depot in holland,i forget where it was…near 30 yrs on.

I think i might go for an eye test.