Using the kid's forum

i rember the old site i miss it :cry:
just kiddin this has more stuff on nd now we have a kids forum wayyyy

please can you make sure that you …
1/ tell you parents that you are using this forum.
2/ if you recive e-mail from someone that you do not know or are not sure about tell an adult.
3/ do not give out your address or telephone number to anyone that you do not know.
4/ arrange to meet anyone that you do not know.
5/ have fun using the new kid’s forum.

thankyou and stay safe.


I told my mum and she said all right and said the site is very good :open_mouth:

mam not bothed about me

i’m now 16 :laughing:

well i not stuped i no wot i’m doin n i dont go out with out my mob so she can ring me if she wantz 2 (not like she will)