Using both lanes on a roundabout?

Hello i have not long passed my test and got my first job driving class 2 and i am having some issues deciding whether i should be taking up both lanes on a roundabout or not.

I mean on most is blatantly obvious, either they are small and its clear to see you will need to use both lanes or they are large and have place names on the lane you should be in so no problems there.

Its the ones in the middle that get me for example say i am taking the third exit and move over to the right i have had people cut me up on the left hand side and try and get past because i am slower and the same if i was to stay to the left they have came alongside side me on the right and the tried to pass me on that side for the same exit.

i assume this could be avoided if i was to straddle both lanes and not give people the option as i assume you would have to do in an artic is there some sort of general rule of thumb

I know i should already know this but where my test was taken and where i trained it was always clear cut one way or the other, lanes with place names or tiny islands.

The truck i drive is as big as a class two can get as far as i know i have certainly not seen anything bigger anyway just to give you a bit more of an insight.

Advice please ■■? :blush:

I’m not sure that can be answered without a specific roundabout in mind.

As a general rule of thumb, I’d say take the road you need to get to where you’re going, and to stop people from stopping you from safely getting there.

That doesn’t mean deliberately block roads at will, just take the road you need, but take it before you need it in readiness.

If your turning right= right lane, indicating right, then as you go round check n/s mirror & put left indicator on just as you go past the turning before your exit, keep checking n/side mirror & move across the lanes to your exit, be ready to stop & watch out for Boy & Girl Racers, as long as you use your indicators correctly people ‘should’ give you room.

Turning left or straight on= stay in left lane, indicating left just as you pass the exit before your exit ( or obviously left indicator on the approach to the roundabout, if you are turning left)

If the lanes at narrow= all rules out of the window, use all the roundabout/ straddle the lanes & don’t let the suicide jockeys use you for ammunition, making sure to still use your mirrors & INDICATORS correctly.

I hate Numpty’s who indicate right & don’t cancel it when they come off the roundabout. GRRRRRRR !

Pretty much the middle lane is a NO GO. The reason is because if you have vehicles on the left and right you are screwed proper. There are exceptions. Look at the lane markings, if youre turning right and both the middle and right hand lane have right arrows on the floor then always take the leftmost option available.

Roundabouts are beyond doubt the biggest reason for failure.

In general you only want cars up 1 side and that is to your right. Keep it that way as much as possible. The only times you have no choice is when turning right so what is the obvious thing to to? Look STARE at the nearside mirror. I repeat STARE at the nearside mirror and glance forward occasionally.

Once you are level with the exit before yours - Check nearside mirror continually. If it seems ok on the left double CHECK NEARSIDE MIRROR again change signal to a left and double CHECK NEARSIDE MIRROR again. If its clear gently move over to left for the roundabout exit.

I love the roundabouts bit of the course.

Thanks for advice guys Its much more clear to me now and I am now confident with almost any island

Thanks for advice guys Its much more clear to me now and I am now confident with almost any island

Try the Magic Roundabout in Hemel !
Haven’t been there for a while, but it used to be great fun in an artic during the rush/school run ‘Mummy’ hour :laughing: