Update new job at pentalver cannock

well its now 2 weeks that ive been working 4 pentalver & must say im enjoying it! the job is on containers & so easy & clean,some days are long sat in felixstowe or southampton,been as far as perth & as short as lichfield,nobody chases you & most of the guys seem ok although traffic managers seem the same as everywhere else???but so far so good,it seems a good job,just management making daft decisions,no new news there then lol

good luck to yer m8, nice to hear you’r enjoying it, I love the haulage industry in general, been in it since i left school and aint no spring chicken :angry: need to get myself off RDC work tho, just hate delivering to these places day in and day out, done lift tanks in the past from the ports but never done containers, wouldn’t mind giving it a go though however there aint no ports in the yorks area :smiley: theres the container base at stourton but never see any hauliers advertising for drivers out of there so guess will have to stick with the RDC work for now :cry: