Universal wheel clamp key available

The following link will take you to the most high tech universal key for removing wheel clamps. It’s a shame that it was only available to MI5 and MI6 opperatives for so many years but the freedom of information act has allowed you this opportunity to free your truck or car from the evil clampers forever. you are the man.

www.northerntooluk.com/images/product_i … 15376E.jpg

I prefer the “deluxe” version

schrodingers cat:
I prefer the “deluxe” version

(deluxe) looks more like a dewalt to me :laughing: :laughing:

This one would be fun with a good chance to set fire to the clamper too.

Although carrying one of these and clamping the clamper may be more exhilarating.

Well. did you like it? :wink: :laughing:

lol, not bad.

A conversation I had over a pint recently;

Mate; Paul’s gone and got himself nicked again :unamused:
(paul’s shall we say better with his hands than with words)
me; How come?
Mate; He got clamped, asked the guy if there was any way he could get it off cheaper (hoping to slip him a back hander).
Officer; yeah, if you can get it off without damaging it you’re in the clear.
I guess the next thing the guy saw was stars and the sky - paul knocked him clean out and used his key to remove the clamp.

Unfortunately the police found paul later that day, think it was all on cctv, fair play to the lad tho - worth a try :laughing:

PMSL :laughing::lol::lol:

when the clamper is about to clamp the truck stand there grinning at him say no rush i aint going anywhere yet… as posted as long as you dont damage the clamp you can go when he writes the ticket out dont look bothered at all he will be getting worried by now thinking whats going on
keep looking at your watch he isdefinately worried now then say thats it matey times up

then promptly walk away get in your truck thats parked nearby and drive off thats your break over :smiley: :smiley: