Union membership - URTU?

I am thinking of joining URTU and was wondering if other folk on here are members. Perhaps there is other options and I would be grateful to hear your feedback. Off for another week’s tramping so I won’t be able to reply until until next week.

It was about 12 years ago I was a member and my area rep was a great help in general on personal legal work matters
If you want a union for changing things in general then forget it as their wings were clipped decades ago

Was in URTU back in the 70’s, never had any dealings with them either way, just happened to be a union card so you could tip at the docks.

Have been in the T&G, which is now Unite since early 80’s.

Whilst nothing is perfect, the jobs with the best terms and conditions have all had union recognition and collective bargaining, where i started on the transporters wasn’t good, became well known for being the pits but it got me started in what was at the time a difficult sector to enter unless you had a nominee or family already in, but that time led to me getting a job in one of the proper outfits once skilled.
Unite members have managed not only to negotiate class leading terms but also to derail plans at several places for such devices as driver facing cameras going in among many other things, note i say the members because its the members that are the union, but with due respect to the union area reps and legal teams who have been invaluable in advising and helping in such cases.

If URTU is the standard union where you are working then it makes sense to join an existing branch, if it’s only going to be you i’m non too sure what benefits you could hope for with any union.

The biggest problem facing the unions these days is non union members, who for various reasons won’t join the union but are always the first in the queue trousering the benefits said union members attained for them, and the first to moan whatever was negotiated wasn’t good enough :unamused:

Are those the only two for road transport?

I contacted URTU last week and they haven’t sent me the application forms - that’s really helpful isn’t it!

I am thinking of a union for personal legal work matters. The firm I work for are a 3rd generation family business and treat drivers well. But recent work involving such stuff as recycling bags and not paying night out allowance - to me means it’s worth having the legal support and someone to talk to for advice. Recycling bags are the worst loads I think one can have. The flaky material and lighter beads cannot be secured easily and move on long distances… one just has to restrap and stop the bags leaning.

The traffic office are a bunch of ‘little boys’ and don’t have a clue on the driving side. They are also the ones that do the ‘hiring and firing’. The drivers that have issues who have served 10+ years go and knock on the boss’s door but as I’ve been advised not for more recent starts.

They are the only two i know of who specifically represent lorry drivers, some other unions have recognition within large companies where the drivers are also represented, not specifically driver oriented unions but from what we hear do a decent enough job, you always get some naysayers but even if a union secured serial moaners a grand a week for lying in bed agreement it still wouldn’t be good enough :unamused:

Unite you can join online, though a phone call to a local Unite area office might be worth making to see if there’s a local branch of interest to you specifically, that phone call and the respose you get might make your mind up one way or another, if they show no interest in even recruiting you as a member that might be a clue how much effort they would put into assisting you if needed?

I’ve heard of drivers joining the RMT, though its mainly a rail union and i don’t know personally any drivers who are members.

From what you say about where you work, it sounds a decent enough place, maybe you don’t need a union at all and if you’re the only member it wouldn’t maybe be worth doing, you could probably get just as good practicle advice on this forum for free from various, not all, posters.
As for access to the boss’s door, in my experience if your work is good you are reliable and look after the customer (the most important person in the company) and look after the tackle then i’ve always found the boss’s door to be open for constructive discussion, i don’t make a habit of seeing the guvnor as such but the one odd time when i’ve needed to was treated with respect and courtesy, called in maybe three times by him over the years, thankfully not for bollockings, however i wouldn’t go see him without due cause that supervisory staff under him failed to fix.

I have a general policy if immediate supervisory staff ain’t up to much, in that if their instructions are not constructive then just agree at the time, keeps them happy, then walk out the door and carry on doing the job properly to the best of your ability how you find works.

Much appreciate your advice and I will see what happens.