Uk hurricane 2013

We will rebuild !!!

Looks like you’ve had a tough time, have you thought about counciling to help you get over it. :smiley:

Its times like these the true Dunkirk Spirit of the British comes out, I have been surrounded by carnage Today- leaves moving on their own, crisp packets being blown at least a few inches and don’t get me started on the wind chimes deafening silence.

Panic really set in when I had to cup my hand round my lighter to spark up a tab.

I even went to the supermarket and foolishly panic bought a kite, returning tomorrow as it appears to be faulty.

[Lame jokes aside, I am aware some parts of the UK have been badly hit]

Well we had a fair bit of wind in Essex but the Essex Chronicle newspaper take the biscuit, rather than send their reporters out to see how the authorities were responding (which seemed to be fairly effieciently) they have been putting user submitted pictures up on their website.

featuring a wonky windscreen wiper, a collapsed fence and some tumbling bins. :unamused:

The only bad wind we have had is 'er indoors after that kebab … I know some parts have had it rough but weather warnings for the whole country to batten down the hatches was over the top.

I got up early this morning as I knew the roads to our yard would be an assault course. Every bin down my street had the lids blown over I mean they were properly blown open you could see the bin bags and everything. I had to dodge several green waste bags that littered the roads. The local radio warned off fallen trees and as I gingerly manouvered the fallen twigs and leaves I was just worried off what was to come as our yard is up a country lane. There was the biggest puddle you’ve ever seen and after dabbing the breaks to rid excess water when I realised ■■■■!.. I had gone all this way and forgot to put my fog lights on. Fog lights turned on front and rear I make the last leg off my journey and arrive intact.

I think all members should stick together and help eachother with there rebuilds ill be available Sunday along the south coast if there are any members in need off fence repairs, roof repairs or there bin lids closed.

To all that where affected as bad or worse then me i hope all is well.

I got hit in the head by a flying empty carrier bag.
Lucky it was empty.Imagine the damage if it was full of baked bean tins.
I may consult a solicitor for advice for a claim as there was no warning of the end of the world in the media.

I was driving in Kent yesterday and just woken up at Meadway services, I saw quite a few trees blown onto roads yesterday and fences that were totally gone, however it wasn’t the day after tomorrow style they were predicting. The A2 westbound was a nightmare and some areas were flooded but other than that not too bad.

Didn’t notice the winds too much driving down as I was heavey at about 35t but when I’d emptied it was a bit different but it had calmed down alot by then, the mpg figures are my worst yet kn a Merc, only got 7’s yesterday usually 10-11 on this run.

I understand sadly a few people have been killed in this wind, and the South West has taken a lot if this weather, but I’m genuinely embarrassed at our response to this “hurricane force storm”.

Thousands unable to get to work as train services grind to a halt over southern and Eastern England, panic buying (people panic buying flour when they don’t even know how to bake bread :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing: ), “battening down the hatches”, hopeless BBC local news reports by roving reporters in hi-viz jackets ( :laughing: ) standing on promenades promising to be back on “as the situation develops”! Massive over-reporting, particularly on Sky news about how to “prepare” and “what you can do…” not making unnecessary journeys (ha!).

It’s pathetic really, and like I said on a similar thread the other day, most people I’ve spoken too think this has been over hyped. This is bad news, because if we ever do get some really nasty weather coming our way, no one will believe it.

The Met office, train companies, RAC/AA, police, HA are so very risk averse now, you can’t know what to believe any more.

Coverage of the storm was 20 minutes on HTV news on 28/10/13.
It was in Denmark and they were still harping on about it.
Footage of about six cars crushed by trees in Bath.
Would you park your car under a tree with a breeze on the way?
Cheaper to leave it in a car park and risk a parking ticket or have the car written off?

I was in Cornwall last night and although it was a bit wet and windy i have certainly seen worse and it has not made the front pages or even page 20. Its laughable the amount of hype and hysteria that was whipped up before hand. I went into Penzance this morning to drop of pallets for the Isle Of Scilley ferry which had been cancelled even though it was relatively calm. I later saw on the news all the trains parked up… what a joke , some one some where is really taking the mick.

Think of the children. :smiley:

We will rebuild !!!

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Not bad! - Not bad at all…

You’re officially the first one on here to get me to spit my coffee all over my keyboard. :blush:

Where have you been hiding the past 2 years? :open_mouth:

I was laughing so hard when seeing the very funny photos the neighbours called the paramedics thinking i was dying.
It has a subtle comic delivery that hits the spot.
At least the train drivers and ships crew got a day off out of it.
For drivers the boss says see how it goes.
I thought that Carol who does the Bbc weather would never stop going on about her "wee ’ storm.

I thought that Carol who does the Bbc weather would never stop going on about her "wee ’ storm.

Makes a change from her constantly banging on about Scotland :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing:

0We will rebuild !!!

You were warned early enough and you should have been prepared, the devastation shown here could have easily been avoided

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0We will rebuild !!!

You were warned early enough and you should have been prepared, the devastation shown here could have easily been avoided

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

To be fair the warnings were good but they weren’t that good considering the magnitude of the disaster and the scale of the preparations which would obviously have been required as proved by the amount of destruction shown in the photos.

Meanwhile what absolutely terrifies me is what they might be too afraid to tell us as to what could be heading our way in the coming days. :smiling_imp: :laughing: