Tyre recommendations?

I have a Merc Vario 814 van with 205/75 R17.5 tyres. They are about due for replacement and I’d appreciate any recommendations. Really I’d like some tough tyres that will deal with travelling through Europe in the middle of winter (do I need M+S tyres to be legal for this?) and also with rough/unmade roads in North Africa.



Andy for winter in europe you will need tyres that are marked with
the snowflake Symbole, and Snow chains are a requirment by many countrys
in the winter time, For the rough unmade roads in Africa how about carrying
a set of wheels & tyres with a good tread for this type of workmore like
, yes its a pain and takes up space but would be cheaper than useing tyres that
are not of the correct tread,

Hi, I know about the requirement for carrying snow chains (in some countries) but is the ‘snowflake’ symbol on tyres legally required anywhere, other than Scandinavia, or are M+S marked tyres sufficient? I should add that the van is a camper conversion, not a ‘goods’ vehicle.

I don’t anticipate a lot of driving on unmade roads, and to be honest don’t have the space (or cash!) for an additional set of tyres.

There seems to be a limited choice in the size I need, Michelin XZE2 and XDE2, Continental LSR1 and LDR1, or Bridgestone M788 are the principal choices I’ve found - leaving aside the cheap Far Eastern brands.


okay you will need for Germany and country’s further out , winter tyres ,
and snow chains when the weather is such that they are needed, you must have
the required tyres for Germany as they have made this LAW, even i have to get new tyres for winter for my van, ,you can check with the AA and RAC who will tell you exactly, also have a look through google there are many sites where people have written about there trips abroad in camping wagons as well, spare tyres is not a bad idea as you may have to cough up more than you think
for a tyre in north Africa is this link any good for you

LOOK through this lot of sites perhaps this may be of use as well


Thought I’d replied but it seems to have gone missing…

I’ve had a good trawl around for info on winter tyre requirements and there seems to be a lot of opinion out there but not much in the way of facts.

The AA website has a useful table of requirements but states that they apply for vehicles up to 3500kg.

It does seem that M+S marked tyres will be accepted as winter tyres in most countries, and M+S tyres should be OK for general use too, so I reckon with a set of them plus snow chains I should be OK.

All I need now is some recommendations for 205/75 R 17.5 M+S tyres…