Two weeks..

Two weeks worth of posts on the “latest posts” page now.

There seems to be a smaller and smaller group of contributors, posting back and for a bit. It doesn’t help that half of those still contributing, are on premod, which really doesn’t help the flow of conversations. The interminable delays and “page can’t be found” errors won’t help to retain new or occassional members. I wonder how many will follow the site when it moves to a new server/platform, where a new interface will put a lot of people off.

I also wonder, if the new platform will have conditions attached, such as a different (non truck) forum I recently joined, which you need to use crapatalk to be able to use. I normally won’t entertain such conditions, but in that case the benefits of the site (knowledge sharing), outweigh the cons of having to submit to another unneccesary info gathering entity as crapatalk.
If the new platform for Trucknet means signing up to crapatalk, I won’t be folowing.

I’m not a fan of discourse tbh.

The forum just needs someone who knows phpbb well. I offered a dude a while back who might of been willing to do it. But they could of gone down the route of hiring out someone.
But the powers that be in their infinite wisdom have decided to not ask the people that actually use the forum what they think. From what I can make out it has just been Dave trying to make the case on our behalf.

but yea, you can look at this is one example of the forum.
remains to be seen how well a migration will work with the older content.

Maybe people don’t want to play trucknet timeout roulette :smiley:

Is it a suprise there’s less & less posts , Dennis said years ago 99 % of mine go in the random crap bin , it did seem to improve for a while , but I guess he’s back from his hols , or d/ Dave etc have taken over the mantel of being a ■■■■■■■ & just deleting posts for the sake of it , or victimising me & others they don’t like
It won’t change , they’ve always had there favourites , obvious to anyone with half a brain , who can post anything they like including personal attacks !!!( yes I’ve noticed , mine are deleted , others are fine !!!

Ooh, a rant with multiple exclamation marks… :grimacing:

I only occasionally pop on to the forum now, maybe once it twice a month, only to wait for a few minutes to see absolutely no pages loading. When they do load, and I can read a thread, my 15 minute break is up and I don’t bother again for a few weeks.

I’ll answer the posts so far as best I can, because of the page loading speed…

I’ve attempted to explain the current situation as best I can in another topi in this forum, the update is that there’s nothing new for me to tell you yet.

The migration is taking a while because there are two I.T. departments at two companies who are working collaboratively, and both departments have to run stuff past their managers whilst staying within an agreed budget. This is ongoing.

Those on pre-mod will already be aware that we don’t discuss that subject in the open because any sanction taken by the Mod/Admin Team must remain private. I’ll only add that those on pre-mod have only themselves to blame.

It’s a fair point that a phpbb repair offer was kindly made, which I passed to my manager, but there was (so I’m told) a good reason why the owners of TN (DVV Media International) took the decision to use Discourse. I wasn’t told the reason, and I doubt that I’d have understood it even if they told me.

I’ll end as usual by reminding you good folks that the slow site-speed is exactly the same for all of us, but it’s being worked on…