Trying to book my theory test

Hiya everyone, trying to book my lgv theory tests on the phone but no ones answering so I’m gonna have to do it online. Quick question though do I book them all for the start time or do I do them end to end I.e if one starts at 1pm and last 45mins do I book the next one to start at 1:45pm?? Cheers on advance


I booked them to start after each other (allowing the 45mins for the exam) however I found the staff very helpful, as I finished the HPT quickly, they put me through to the multiple choice straight away.

I don’t think you should try and book them all to start at the same time (unless you are ace at multi-tasking :laughing: )

If you need initial dcpc then book mod 2 theory at the same time

Many have done all 3 theory tests in the same day - some did one after the other with virtually no breaks as they were offered to do the next when they finished early from the previous one

I think there was a post where one member booked abount 5 hours for all 3 and came out in about 2 hours - all passed :smiley:

Thank’s everyone for all the help and advice. All booked now, gone for all 3 test’s just to get them over and done with hopefully!! Then onto the practical :slight_smile::slight_smile: