Why is it when I type in :confused:

I think this is the temporary home page until they get the new one sorted is owned by the same people that own TruckNet UK, the system that we used for content on TruckNet UK apart from the forums was custom built over 8 years ago, and to be honest could not cope with the high volumes of traffic, as well as looking out of date. behind the scenes it was becoming more and more difficult to use the old system to update the front page and other content. RBI are bringing in a new content management system that we hoped would be in place, unfortunatly the old one was about to die before the new one is ready.

What we have done is point the url to a new page on, set up specificaly for drivers. What we are doing now is reviewing what on the old site was actually used, and seeing how we can incorporate that into any future plans.

95% of the 1.5 million page views a month we achieve are from the forums, if the rest of the over 5000 pages we had on the old site are not being used we have to ask ourselves is there any point in recreating them?

My view at present is no, but instead we look to create pages that are more relevant and therefore used, wether we do that within or as a stand alone site is under discussion but to be honest I am coming round to the opinion that having everything transport related on a single website is the way to go.

BUT and its a big BUT, this website is nothing without each and every one of you that provides the content and to keep our slot at the top we have to be guided by you, I personally dont believe that aligning closely with the only credible news and information website for the transport industry is a bad thing, it give the forums and your comments credibilty when viewed alongside respected journalists opinion and comment.

I think we can and do work hand in hand , and it does all of us good, if you dont think this is the way to go, post here with reasoned arguement and we will listen

Could you pass on one recommendation please Rikki.

The Trucknetuk banner on that landing page could do with being a โ€˜click on itโ€™ link to this site :bulb:

Why not just go to the forums index page and bookmark it?

That way you can come straight to the forums ?

Just a thought :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: