Trucking in Spain

Hello Everyone I’m a new member and this is my first posting.
For the last ten years I have been living in Spain and due to the current global economic mess I have had to return to England where I have found employment yes as a class one driver. My wife and two children remain in Spain and I’m seeking a job driving two and from Spain with the hope of being able to drop home from time to time! Would any of you have any advice for me on this request? I can speak a basic amount of Spanish well enough to get by. I was thinking of contacting one of the Murcia based fridge company’s as I have years of experience in this field but I’m worried it will be Spanish wages thus not enough to get by.
Any help will be most appreciated.

Driver at our place lives down near Granada, lodges at a mates and flys home every couple of months for a week or two, the boss is ok with it so it works out fine for them both,this way he gets to spend a decent amount of time at home instead of just a quick visit, might be worth thinking of if you can get a start over here?

Forget trying to get a job driving in southern Spain, or in Spain for that matter. Our unemployment figures releasrd yesterday were up for the umpteenth month on the trot and now stand at over 4.5 million. Jobs are extremely scarce and if you find one so many companies are in dire straits there is no guarantee that you will be paid in full or on time. Its is so bad that I regularly have Spanish drivers asking me if I know of any UK based work they or their mates could get on to.

Yeah, I know a lad who has a UK based job running to France and back. He lives in Murcia area and flies home once evry 6 weeks or so for a week or 2 to see his wife. Needs must, its either that or no work at all.

I’m told Gerry Ronan from ireland is looking for two drivers to work from uk to Spain but they must live in the uk and have experience of Spanish work
not sure if this address is correct

5 Upper Main Street
Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo
tel: +353 949631458

if you look here you will also see his mobile:

:blush: Hello
Many thanks for all the advice. Yes as i feared it will be better to look for a uk based company I think or Irish come to that! Thanks Casper I will call Gerry Ronan. I have been staying with pals here and returning to Spain when I could but I have had trouble with my old employer Goldstar not allowing me to take a fri and mon off as holiday and insisting I use a block week instead. Well I have had to hand my notice in and now I’m at ADR working for co-op so far so good but it’s early days.
Goldstar have held back my week in hand and are refusing to pay me as I sent my resignation letter to the wrong e.mail address. Went to citizen advice and they told me to write again informing them of your original dates for leaving and have given me a couple of legal quotes. Worked bloody hard for them as well and that’s how u get treated. Genuine mistake forgot the . In the e.mail address!

Best of Luck, Let me know if you have any success.