Truckfest 2007

Hi i know it sad, but if anyone is going to truckfest this can they take photos of removals vans and post them here or email them to me at

as requsted

the trucks were quite tightly packed in in places so you ciuldn’t really get a good angle on them


quite tightly packed in

They can’t help themselves can they?! Space is money!!!

I’m just sorting out removals for my forthcoming house (and country) move and am quite glad they ‘pack it in tight’, seeing how much it costs per crate!! :confused: :confused: :frowning: :frowning:

r900ver, I can get you a picture of the truck when it comes if you want, but I doubt it will be up to ‘Truckfest’ standard!!


This my two

smart little pair, dont think i have any of the company i used to work for, i will have a look if you want

how low does that scania look to the floor?

LOL at the badge on the second pic, 144 & 580 :confused:

LOL at the badge on the second pic, 144 & 580 :confused:

I’m not up on billion horsepower Scanias, but I reckon a 580 is a bit much for a 4 wheeler. Especially for shifting the contents of houses, they could be better employed shifting the stuff houses are made from. :wink:

LOL at the badge on the second pic, 144 & 580 :confused:

144 & 580 ■■? :open_mouth: Oh dear perhaps buying all the spotlights, Lightbars etc they couldn’t afford to buy the 164 badge.

I just can’t see any reason to change the badges on your truck ■■?

And in point of fact having used to drive for the firm that used to own that vehicle (McKellar’s) i can say for sure that it is a 144-460 and i even remember the registration as my friend drove it and it was a little unreliable to say the least.

I guess it has been sold on and stretched to a rigid. looks quite different now. Only other thing i would say is if that says “I Love My ■■■■■” on the visor, i am not sure i would want that parked outside my home.