Truck stop north east

Looking for a decent secure truckstop tonite, not an msa anywhere between weatherby and Gateshead.


Leeming bar isnt too bad, quite a way from the A1 (Quiet) and a McDonalds for a cheap and edible breakfast.

I am guessing the Londonderry Truckstop has gone?

Barton just off the a1, not sure about the food on offer.

Washington services

Birtley used to be a good one that got busy and then one day it shut down :confused: Wetherby lorry park in town centre is good but it ain’t secure.

Londonderry is still open. You have to leave the A1 at the new bit and travel parallel to it. Or there is Stamford truck stop.

I ended up on Barton, not the best but I will do.
Cheers chaps