Truck show Collecchio Italy

Staying in Collecchio near Parma this week while we re-prep the car between races. There been a fairground outside my hotel all week, a cycle race mid week and today the entertainment included a truck show. Mega blinged trucks aren’t really my thing, but I still appreciate the effort and passion that it takes.

Good pics mate, they do have a tendancy to ‘over-do it’ a touch!

Lol, they’d cry if they had to go in any quarry in the uk.

The blue Scania with its doors open is well over the top, inside and out. But does look like its a working vehicle. Like I said not really my thing blinged trucks I prefer the standard but tidy trucks. If I’d known about it I might have seen if I could have put my truck in the show, probably wouldn’t have won anything, but might have been fun. :laughing: