truck sat nav

is there such a thing as a truck sat nav , im a map reader myself but after seeing my friends snooper s7000 with low bridges and weight limits included for the price tag of £480 thats a good thing less stress more time driving , ive been reviewing the snooper and pro nav pnn300 they both look good , i recently had a tomtom truck for 1 day and found it to be a bag of [zb] , it would send you down narrow lanes weight limits low bridges , the software was terrible , ive been using my mates snooper for last week try before you buy and its the dogs pollocks only thing i dont like is no lane guidance when you approach numerous lane interchanges , you could get it wrong , and no toll roads either so must have lots of change as it could be expensive , one last thing he bought his snooper last month and when he registered it it cost him a further £60 for a map update , surely for that price tag the thing should be upto date ,

s7000 truckmate £380
s7000 truckmate pro £480 both come with digi tv on 7 in screen
pro navv 300 £300 does toll roads weight limits low bridges even number plate recognition on low emition zones in london

tomtom truck does nothing it says

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If you get one which is the dogs pollocks you might think it’ll never mess up and you could become too reliant on it and one day it could mess up. Why not get a normal cheaper one and use it conjunction with a map and common sense. :wink:

bald bloke:
If you get one which is the dogs pollocks you might think it’ll never mess up and you could become too reliant on it and one day it could mess up. Why not get a normal cheaper one and use it conjunction with a map and common sense. :wink:

fair comment but as im in london alot maps dont show weight restrictions , and all the other nonsense that goes on in london its 1 big money making scheme ,

personally ive just come back from driving in canada for 15yrs and these roads are alot worse than when i was ere last , too many on the road nowdays

I use a Pronav. it does what it says on the tin, just use common sense and don’t rely 100% on any Sat Nav.I use it in london, if you go in at night, you can set it to keep you out of the LBTS zone as much as possible, if you go in when the LBTS is not in operation, during day time, then you can set it to ignore it. It picks up 99% 0f bridges, for some reason it misses a bridge near bromley, but it’s a signed diversion for high vehicles. If you aslo set it to “prefer main” roads, it wil not take you down little back streets to avoid bridges. It will warn you if your route goes through a toll road or chargeing area, and offer to re route you avoiding it.For its price, it does the job as good as, and sometimes better than most, and think of all the breakfasts you can buy with the savings!.

I’ve got to agree with you regarding the TomTom truck :frowning:

Its quite good outside of London but in London its crap. I even emailed TomTom to ask them if they were going to upgrade the software so that it recognised the truck time restrictions. They emailed me back basically saying that its a bit too complicated to do :open_mouth:

Strange seeing as how snooper and pro-nav have managed it■■?

S7000 should have a route option in the last mapping screen to select avoid tollways etc

There are truck sat naves on the market over here, which is just as well judging by the amount of times idiots get stuck under bridges after following driections from the regular sat nav they bought for $200 thinking they got a bargain :laughing:
In my oppinion if a truck driver needs a sat nav he shouldn’t be driving a truck. Look at the map and drive, read all the signs and you are doing well.
I hear so many asking for directions and after they get them they say “Yeah … thats what my sat nav says’s”
Well if you don’t actually trust your sat nav why the f**k did you buy it ?

Try doing multidrop in London city centre with that attitude, road closures gay pride festivals, hotels on fire and the worst driving I have seen outside of wartime Basra

i been askin the same question about sat navs i use truck maps etc too but they are a handy tool of the job n ppl who write em off i find are tech phobes :smiley: from i have read pro nav 300 is good for the money n a lot of lads rate the snooper if u go on there web site there doin a snooper 900 truckmate is a lot cheeper than the s 7000 bit with all the same maps etc or just to throw another choice into the mix if u have a smart phone etc u can download co pilot app for trucks we use it at the last place i worked n all in all it was spot on let me know what u choose pal n how u gettin on with it :smiley:

Has anyone tried the Garmin Dezl?

I am also in the market for a new sat nav, current short list: Snooper S7000, Tomtom 7100, Garmin Dezl.

The snooper is out in the lead at the mo but any thoughts on these units would be very useful.

i have owned 2 snoopers now, a s2000 were the screen went after 4 months and a s7000 that i have had 4 weeks and its crashing every now and then, and the sattelite drops out at really awkward times, admitingly i havent updated it or got a signal booster, and snooper replace for most reasons within the year but i am very sceptical still of the build quality