Truck restoration?

So we have bought a 141 in Scotland the other week. She 1972 original UK truck. The chassie is very clean on it and the cab is not in to bad a shape though there is isopan in a number of places (hate the stuff).

I have previously had a 110 super restored in Holland and was very happy with the outcome. I have though of send this to the same gentleman, however I have seen hold that there is a lot of classic car restoration going on in Poland, So if they can do a car why not a truck.

Has anyone came across any of these companies in Poland and can help me shed some light on the matter thanks.

i restore trucks mate to any standard you web site see llandudno pics cadwallader f89 was last i did. can send pics of work done.

armaghcoupe did leo bol do your 110.and was yours the derry bros motor

Listen to mel mate ive done 2 scanias now and theres no easy cheap way you get what you put in and i think you will find thats a 140 if its a 1972 141 were out around 1977 r reg with the long deadman leaver s reg on with the short if you get it done near by you can see it being done but you can try your polls and take it to next years truckfeski lol

sorry miss type with year as r 110 is 1972.

Yes leo did the 110 for me, and a good job he made of it.
As with the restoration being hear home i am not to woried about. Leo was over in holland and i got up date regularly with photos as well as flying over, r passing one of my driver passing by and droping in.

armaghcoupe did leo bol do your 110.and was yours the derry bros motor

The Derrys motor is the original scania they bought new, way back in the 70s,

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Looks like a nice job on that chassis by the way.

Quality :slight_smile: how much approx to remove box body, strip & paint chassis & wheels, repaint cab (In sound condition) Lorry is a S80 Foden 8x4

about 6 grand up mate