Truck related incident/accidents

Every day when driving to work & throughout the day I hear of several incidents on the roads involving trucks , it does seem to be on the increase , has anyone noticed this ? …

I’m too busy running cyclists over to notice. Sorry.

Yep always a lorry with a motorcyclist or a lorry that has over turned

just remember, the roads aint dangerous, it’s the less skilled drivers that are among us that are dangerous

Kemaro doesn’t it just show the generosity of the road haulage industry that during the working day accidents happen which keep so many in employment. Indeed Sally
Traffic might even have been tramping around as a bag lady but for our failings.The good Lord moves in mysterious ways.

The road have never been safer its the reporting of accidents/incidents that has increased.

Terry T:
I’m too busy running cyclists over to notice. Sorry.

Apology accepted.

I receive a daily incident report that lists every incident on the HA network, one lists critical incidents ( closures etc) and the other lists incidents that have caused congestion but possibly minor. I would say 3/4s of these incidents involve hgvs. Ranging from a truck broke down in live lane to a serious collision. I have no facts to what causes a crash so I am in no way saying truck drivers are mostly to blame and obviously trucks take longer to recover than your standard car, so lane closures remain in place for longer. I think internet, mobiles with cameras etc means you hear about crashes etc a lot more than you used to, where as the number of crashes may be de-creasing?

I would say 3/4s of these incidents involve hgvs.

And do you get any stats stating their nationality just out of interest.

An incident involving a truck will inevitably cause more impact and delays than a similar incident involving cars so will get more airtime. A non-injury incident with 2 cars will just get pushed to the hard shoulder or verge with only minor traffic delays and does not even make the HA report, if one of those vehicles is a truck it will often mean a road or lane closure and long delays and we will hear about that on the traffic news.
Often that minor shunt if a truck is involved will mean injuries and the police have to investigate causing more delays.

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Bald bloke, I would say, without looking at any stats, that the majority of truck related incidents I deal with are foreign trucks or drivers and 99% of the time, it would seem that they are to blame. This is not knocking foreigners, because there are bad British drivers too, but this is my experience.