Truck racing back at donnington park

the btra will be racing at donnington this july 26 and 27th its been years since they raced at donnington so it should be a good weekend

Just had a look on the site but cant find a price for tickets , any idea how much for the weekend m8 ?

i dont know gerry id imagine it would be the same price as the others mate :wink:

At a guess about £15-£20 each.

If you really want to watch Truck Racing go to Brands Hatch or Pembrey they are far better from a spectators point of view at least you get to see all the track unlike Donnington.

Yep, not a fan of watching racing purely because you only see the bikes (or cars) once every 2 minutes go round one corner, and if anything happens it’s always where you’re not. Donnington was bad for this and Thruxton, Oulton park wasn’t so bad as if you sit in the right place you can see for a good distance as you’re high up, always wanted to see Truck Racing though.