Truck on railway line


A naughty man has been arrested after a skip truck was driven
through a fence on to a railway line in Northamptonshire.

The truck is believed to have crossed a field before it stopped on
the track at Church Brampton, between Northampton and Rugby,
at about 0740 on 9/9/13.

Trains did not run again until the truck was cleared from the line at 1025.

British Transport Police said the 39-year-old naughty lorry driver was
arrested on suspicion of obstructing the railway.

Police said the truck went down an embankment before going through
the fence and on to the track.

Network Rail said no-one was injured in the incident and neither
the track nor the overhead cables were damaged.

The track, known as the Northampton Loop, is mainly used by
London Midland trains and it is separate from the main line
between London and the Midlands.

Skip drivers do like to take short cuts don’t they. :smiley:

Skip driver obviously hates train drivers :smiley: :smiley:

Skip driver fails interview for train drivers job and takes revenge :smiling_imp:

hiya …the father in law did the same thing about 40 years ago. he was driving a atki 8 legger for Vic Wild.
it was in the days when you parked the lorry at home, Toms (8year old )son had been playing in the lorry and
managed to get the lorry out of gear. Tom must have got in the Atki at 4 am knocked the rachet handbrake
off and rolled the lorry down hill letting the clutch out expecting the Gardner to kick in but no responce, as you
know theirs no chance of finding a gear and their was no air. Tom run down hill across the halt sign into the
fence and hit the parked train vans knocking 2 off the track.luckily the road and pavement was about 8feet above
tracks so it was the bumper bar that saved the day,A crane was needed to get the Atki off the Banana van.