Travis Perkins Omega Park

Hi does anybody on here have the contact details for them i am after a job there as a class 1 driver heard there struggling for drivers at the moment but cant find anything on the interweb. Any help appreciated cheers!!! … 6999999811

That should help

Thanks mate but its not on there its the actual RDC which im after not a branch

I work for wickes, which is a tp owned company and I can’t find any hgv1 jobs on the tpcareers website :question:

Are Travis Perkins not using DHL for drivers now and recruiting from there?

Looked few times myself never found out anything no wonder they can’t find drivers

yeah think they are using DHL but theres nothing on their website about it!

From my time at CCF (owned by TP) I believe they are all good in regards to not needing drivers. Hermes on t’other side though are looking