Transport manager cpc

Hello all.
I have been driving coaches and buses, on occasions recovery lorry, for 16 years and internationally( fluent in 3 languages) I am about to get my transport management’s CPC but in road haulage as job offers in passenger transport are slim.
To the knowledge of haulage companies operators, what are the chances to be employed ?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

IMHO Operator CPC is more of a career progression qualification rather than a career starting one. Ask yourself if not having the CPC is what is stopping people from recognising you as a TM. The CPC covers about 3/4 of what you need to know to be a TM and you can pass with only 50% of the case study correct, so having a CPC could be less than half the knowledge you need to be able to do the job (you can pass without answering any of the drivers hours or costing questions). Who would employ someone that has such limited skills in such a crucial role? You normally start in a transport office role (planner, etc. and progress to being a TM, taking the CPC to bolster the company’s credentials or take over as named TM. Do you want to be a TM? It can be a tough lonely role.