Trans Pennine 2013 photos

Trans Pennine Run vehicles at Birch before the run started.

Just a few more.

Whoever’s restored the Hanson’s Atki has done a superb job. Great photos.

Not certain but I think this is Trucknet member killsville at the wheel of this left hand drive Volvo F10 of Bowkers



The Richmans Scammall did belonged Millers of Longton when I worked for John, it was lived in Blackpool Meanygate Garage for along while. I did drive it time to time.

It is a flying mechine that truck.

Cheers Welly

Great pictures - thanks for posting.

Good to see Mark in the Atki wrecker (JAT) -

Great pics of some classic lorries John. Looked a big turnout.
Cheers Dave.

Great pictures, many thanks for posting.

Great pictures once again.

Twas indeed me at the helm of the Bowker F10!

Links to my photos … 3de1acc8d6 … 63f5425cc4