Tramping for Jock's - in need of help

Can’t avoid it any longer so any advice would be appreciated…

My main concern is SLEEP, this lot don’t know the meaning.

Max hours and a bit is the norm, but would like to rein them in if I can.

Guess I can call a halt when I like ? I don’t see them sacking me, not that I particularly care, but it would be a battle and they play by their rules…

I hope to get away with early Sunday to early Friday (ho ho) but would like to grab a few hours for myself. Tipping gives me a breather but would also like to shave a little off THEIR day, any suggestions ? PM if necessary

Any tips to help me survive would be most welcome… I’ve been working for them for a couple of months so know some of the strokes they pull, but “roaming” is going to be a whole different ball game…

Suppose I could always do what they do and shout louder :slight_smile:

“P45 please”