Trampers.Why you like just tramping?

Trampers.Why you like just tramping???can see when some people looking just for Tramping job.i was sent my CV for different company.after was working for tramper (containers job).yes i like sleep in truck.,cooked in truck.but dont like containers job,because nothing do just turn twistlock and is not very good for health.after 3 month call me from some company and offer full time job with no night out and i decide accept new job.if i go for trampers in future i go better for work with curtainside trailers.
what you like??
1.less miles to travel to/from workplace■■? sleep in truck??
3.more easy job??
3.not see you boss very often??
or what more.>■■?

Travel all over Europe! :laughing: see and meet amazing people and places :sunglasses: money is very good :smiley: and lock up your daughters! :grimacing: now the jobs DONALD! :bulb: can’t go nightclubbing and have as many women in many ports, plus the cab rats on social media :grimacing: live their lives through a screen and many young ones can’t converse/ look you in the eyes for more than two mins :imp: it’s going to get worse! :unamused: :open_mouth:

Good for commuting to bunk
Good pay
Don’t like/ hearing off boss till reload
Married and don’t drink anymore
Welcome to GREAT BRITAIN :grimacing: