Training school northants

hi thinking about having a crack at my class 1 can anybody recommend who to train with in northampton shire thanks

Hi. We’re just over the border at Peterborough with a manual w+d. Or do a residential at Mansfield with auto w+d or auto full size artic. No charge for residential.

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Hi smiggy123, I’m from Northampton and have just done my class 1 last week with Peter smythes in Mansfield. Having looked around Northampton, I found myself struggling to find a provider to use but then found on here Pstt. Honestly the best decision I have made in a long time. There pricing is excellent and the put you up in a hotel for nowt. They operate a good fleet of vehicles, everyone makes you feel welcomed (even the gaffers) and the instructors are spot on to. Your trained 1 on 1 for 4 hours at a time which to me was the perfect amount of time per day. If you do go there try and get Chris as he makes it all so easy and by test time it’s like a walk in a park!!!
Any questions just message me.
Big Ryan