Training fees set to increase?

From mid-November the DSA are finally enforcing the use of partially loaded vehicles. Whilst the weights are not massive (5 tonnes on a rigid, 8 on a drawbar combo or artic) there will undoubtedly be an impact on the costs to the trainer.

I can only speak for what we do and what we plan. For years we have always been unashamedly a little more expensive than some - though not as dear as others. I am aware that all training is relatively expensive so do we wish to increase the current fees? The answer is NO. It will mean we earn a little less profit but there is a limit to how much folk can spend. We have gone further than that and just slashed the fees for initial and period driver cpc as well as discounting the Starter Pack. I feel we can do no more.

I have to add that it may be unavoidable to bring in an increase in due course if the costs prove prohibitive.

I am interested to know the views of other trainers; I fully expect to hear of some price rises but this will be often from a reasonably low level of fees so still wont be expensive.


The most obvious thing is that it will be inevitable that more fuel will be used in training.

The question is will trainers increase training prices?

As I quoted in another post is trainers need X amount to make a profit depending on there overheads. If trainers leave there prices unchanged the profit margin will be reduced.

What the customer wants these days in the current economic climate is quality training and a competitive price.

I will probably leave costs the same for the first month assess how much extra fuel is being used then decide.


Our concern in addition to the obvious increase in fuel per hour of training is will the added weight require additional training hours to reach the same driving standard.

Will an extended period of very basic introduction tuition be needed for candidates to get “the feel” of the vehicle particularly the increased stopping distances and reduced acceleration away from roundabouts where many serious faults occur.

The combination of using more fuel and quite likely requiring additional training hours means something has to give.

We might consider including CPC training in both flavours at a considerably reduced price with every course as every candidate now requires either Initial or Periodic to even get started as a driver. While increasing the course fees overall it will add value to the total package.

Other options include providing basic off road starter training in advance to a GROUP of candidates perhaps covering reversing and some of the basics. This will help reduce the number of hours needed when the real course starts.

Of course until the changes begin in November it is impossible to predict the effect they will have. Ah well nothing like a challenge to find a solution !

My mate is taking his with the same company I did. I asked him to query it and they said no, same price as before.

Time will tell though when it starts leaking out their bottom end.