Training centre recommendations

Hi everyone. I’ve just started looking into getting my category c licence followed by the c+e. I already have a digital tachograph and a C1 licence and have one module remaining on CPC which my current employer is putting me through. The trouble I’m having is finding a recommended training school in the Brighton area. I spoke to someone from and alarm bells started to ring when there were promises of earning £700 per week. Any help or advice with this matter would be most welcome.

Try Crawley LGV or 1st Castle in Chichester.

I think Lancing LGV test centre is your nearest DSA LGV test place and it usually follows that LGV training schools are located within easy distance to DSA LGV test places

The list of member recommended training schools are in the LGV TRAINING TIPS sticky

1st Castle in Chichester.

Can recommend. Tell Malc I sent you. All the best, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for the info. I’ll try getting in touch with both of those today. Thanks again.

Don’t know if you’ve got anywhere with this yet but try Steve @ Lancing Driver Training. They have a tractor and trailer combo for class 1 now instead of W&D

hgvtraining appear to be a broker , avoid brokers is the advice usually given, you can do this by going to the training school and having a look at , and maybe an assessment drive in, their trucks