Training around the Wigan area

Hi everyone

I am looking to take my class 2 test and would like some advice on peoples experience of the training they have had from a couple of the Wigan training schools which are Wigan LGV & PCV and also Hindley Green LGV training. They are both featured under the Recommended LGV training schools on the site so it was just to get some personal feedback.

Thanks Andy

The Wigan test centre is a nightmare in my experience pal, some decent trainers around there, but atherton test centre is a shambles. Miserable test examiners and horrific test routes.

If you’re willing to travel a bit (like I did) I would highly recommend you give Chevron a ring in Flintshire. I went down there from Liverpool, met the guys, had an assessment, booked my training and passed with them first time, the best part of it is, you take your test, where you train - the test examiner comes to you, so EVERYTHING is familiar. You do your reverse where you practice your reverse and they have a regular test examiner, who is a really nice bloke, put me at ease and I’m a nervous guy when it comes to tests.

Hope this helps. The owner of the Chevron training place is on this site, he goes by the username “Chevmac” it might be worth dropping him a message.