Trailer swap on dual carriageway

Coming up to m6 island at j2. Spar trailer dropped on inside lane of dual carriageway, just before layby. Other Spar trailer dropped in layby. 2 units on inside lane of carriageway - trailer swap? Me and my mate were gobsmacked.
There’s an industrial estate 2 minutes down the road.

That was in the same week we were cut up by 2 cars, one towing the other. (rear car had a lovely squashed bonnet) Both were driving with hazards on. Err, which way you going mate? We could see it coming. We were just coming on to the Dual carriageway off the island and guess what. 1st car jumped in front of us, his mate behind was having none of it and went straight on. Torvill & Dean had nothing on those two. The rotation was a thing of beauty. Result - two smacked cars. Luckily both were ok. Me and my mate drove off with two big grins.

This job is never boring is it.


Just proves the saying ‘just when you think you’ve seen it all!’ :unamused: :wink: