Trailer Alarm

As per heading, anyone got any suggestions for trailer alarm provider, preferably in the south east for a box with side doors.

Thanks in advance

You could DIY with a simple house alarm type system, they run off batteries in case of a power cut, you could run it of the vehicle electrical system when used but battery when dropped

Thanks nick. We had thought of doing that, but it’s to a customers spec and it needs a bit more professionalism than we could cobble together!

I have always had great service from Advance Alarms in Lewisham (they do mobile fitting) 020 8318 9200

Thanks for that, I will look at that one.

I know some of the operators of confidential car transporters have systems in place where all doors are linked to the tracking system and can’t be opened without the office knowing, will even send a txt message. But sadly I don’t know which tracking system they use.

These have an advert in Lockerbie

I know it looks like a funny address but it does work…and it seems they are based in Glasgow so unless you have a gaffers map they’re the wrong end of the country for you.

Thanks maoster and Shropsbri, that looks interesting, I’ll go and investigate further.

You’re welcome. It was nothing. Seriously, it was nothing. :wink:

i prefer to think of it as the start of something :smiley:

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