Trafford park , any rdc's there?

Anyone know which rdc’s are located on Trafford park , got 3 loads of cornflakes to go there tomorrow and wouldn’t mind a heads up on likely delivery point :stuck_out_tongue:
Got timed deliveries of 8 am , 12 pm and 4 pm , hope the loaders / unloads are on the ball :confused:
Cheers mike

Is it not just Man U stocking up now Rooney is staying

One likely site will be
Unit 1 Merlin Park, Barton Dock Road, Trafford Park, Manchester M32 0SZ
I think it’s a norbert dentressangle site now.

And another will be KW1 which is near the container terminal, can’t remember the road but its near to Merlin. Both sites are within the vicinity of Kellogg’s

Are you running out of Wrexham?

Cheers guys , picking up from grocotts ( gro continental ) Whitchurch .
Still finding my feet with a new employer , been on nights taking 4.2 wide cabins down from heysham to Telford during my first week . All good stuff .

Didn’t expect to be doing rdc’s type work to be honest , but I do like a good variety of work :sunglasses:

Cheers mike

Barton dock road which is merlin and kw1 off last roundabout down Westinghouse road! I took loads from there to grocontinental last year! If you see zibi in the warehouse, tell him the lad who got him a united scarf says hi! Lovely lad on the forks, he’s polish but he’s waiting for them to put him through his class one! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: ROONEY, ROONEY, ROONEY! :laughing:

one will be Wincanton on Trafford park Rd I would imagine, seen a few reefers in there mate

Cheers guys , hopefully all goes to plan . No ■■■■ nav but have map and tethered iPad if I get stuck :blush:
Who is this Rooney character of which you speak ? :confused:

Cheers mike

Mikey D:
Who is this Rooney character of which you speak ?

He was a famous actor i believe.

Well you guys were right went to both of those sites , merlin and kw1 , the dates had been mixed up so my load wasn’t ready at 5.30 am didn’t leave till 7.15 , so was playing catch up all day :cry:
Both are run by norberts , first tip took 1 3/4 hours :unamused: bell end in the office :wink:
Second tip took an hour ,
Congrats to the guys at merlin for the last tip , pallet truck at full speed off in 15 mins and the lad shouts me to say paper works in the office , I would of given him some beer money if he hadn’t disappeared ,

Sadly tho my hours were up and just made it to lymm truck stop k :frowning:
Only an hour from home too