Trade Plates.

I’ve got a van going to auction next week (my own). It’s got a SORN notice on it from the end of the month. My boss has offered me the use of his trade plates to take it to the auction house. Can I legally do this without any tax? I’ve had a look at DVLA’s website but can’t find any mention on it. Not strictly driving I know, but I couldn’t think where else to put it. :unamused:



Hi Big one, yes you can drive your van on trade plates they are for, collection, delivery, and test of vehicles without tax as the trade plates are taxed, hope this helps and you sell your van for good cash.

Legally No,
The trade plates are in your bosses company name.

He can drive the van to auction,

You can drive the van to auction if you sell him it first.

Trade plates are for the use of the motor trade ro demonstrate, deliver or move a vehicle between premises for work to be carried out or to prepare for sale.

Trade plates are used by bodyshops and paintshops for the same reason.

The plates only cover expired road tax or unregistered vehicles. In all other respects vehicles must be insured and totally legal to be on the road.

No carriage of goods or passengers is allowed either