Towing. Insecure load?

Just saw this posted on Pepipoo forums, think poster is on here tbh, so this might have been posted before, but haven’t seen it before.

Towing a broken down van, on a home-made dolly, which is completly inadequate in SO many ways. ‘Secured’ with ratchet straps without ratchets (!!!), simply tied off in a big ■■■■■■■ granny-knot. Oh, and towing the whole ■■■■■■■ monstrosity with a battered Renault Clio !

And, this is in the UK !

■■■■, me ! :open_mouth:

Wonder how many plod/DVSA bods would have a heart attack upon seeing this?

It may not be home made, I used to use something commercially built but very similar indeed for breakdown recovery behind a landrover, which is about all you can legally use those horrid things for.

He shouldn’t have been using it at all for a vehicle that’s driveable (which it was, he drove it up)
He should have winched it up (better control)
He should have secured it properly, I might have tied the suspension down in addition to strapping the wheels to it, not instead of :exclamation:
Obviously the lights needed actually connecting… and securing
Common sense calls for a different ( bigger & heavier ) vehicle towing it
I used to use a rotating amber beacon in addition, since even used correctly for a breakdown, you’re restricted to 20mph owing to the lack of braking on all wheels of what you’re towing.

VOSA/plod will give you a grilling and look for any excuse to do you for using these monstrosities even within the rules, they ought to have outlawed them way back when they changed the trailer braking laws and effectively outlawed spring brake couplings, but the thing was what the boss had where I worked at the time, and I could hardly refuse to use it at all since it was legal. Hated it, and you ALWAYS look like a cowboy using one.

is there not the issue of no mot/tax should be a fully lift tow ?
chuffin accident waiting to happen :unamused:

is there not the issue of no mot/tax should be a fully lift tow ?
chuffin accident waiting to happen :unamused:

There used to be an exemption re MOT/tax towing a vehicle to be scrapped ( you were then restricted to 15mph, and also exempt the tyre condition rules), I’d have to check if any of that still applies.

If it’s going, by prior appointment for pre-booked repairs pursuant to an MOT or for a test, there’s a tax/MOT exemption

Interestingly if he’d used an A frame instead, the whole thing becomes a trailer, no tax/MOT required, but it still has to be roadworthy as a trailer, and that takes some interesting and expensive modifications to the braking system to meet C&U regulations for anything over 750kg ( more get-outs for breakdown recovery though )

It’s not stated that I saw if it had tax/MOT or not.

Putting the entire thing on a flatbed/beavertail would be the only sane way to shift it, I quite agree about the accident waiting to happen, those silly things should be banned outright, sadly they’re not… bet he never stuck to 20mph either.

Im speechless…can’t you just hear them spurs a jingling? The only sensible thing Iheard came out that blokes ■■■■■■■■ :grimacing:

Unsafe in so many ways.
But, on the other side, would you actually allow someone to tow like this?
Surely the guy filming could/should/ought to have said “no way pal, you’re not taking that not the road” and called Plod.
What does the TNCSI missive think?

PS Nice Merc though