Towing a trailer

Hi all, can you tow a trailer holding just a cat C license? If so, what are the limits regarding size/weight/axles etc?

Boss has an idea of me towing a smallish trailer behind the 18T that I currently drive, and am uncertain wether or not you can do this.

All answers gratefully recieved :slight_smile:

you can however it cant weigh more then 750kg. which would be tiny caravan or large camping trailer teritory.
Would look ridiculous and be a bit pointless on a truck.

there are a long list of exemptions from holding an HGV licence though, so you may well be exempt depending on the work you’re doing.

So the trailer can’t weigh more than 750kgs? Does that include its contents or just the trailer.

Basically the boss wants me to tow a trailer containing a quad bike, I think its a twin axle trailer,have no objections to doing it,but wasn’t sure of the legal side.


Includes the contents ie trailer + contents max 750kgs.

To be more accurate, it’s the maximum authorized mass of the trailer - i.e. not the actual weight of the trailer when you’ve loaded it, but the weight of the trailer + load when the trailer is fully loaded up to its maximum legal capacity.

I suspect that you wouldn’t be legal.

I doubt a Quad bike weighs anything like 750kg, i mean a mini (classic one) is only about 800kg.

So you might get away with it. However they go by the plated weight of the trailer, so if it has a plate or sticker on it showing the MAM check that.

As others have said you can only tow a trailer with a “Maximum Authorised Mass” of 750Kg or less.

One quick and easy way to tell is that if the trailer is unbraked, then it by definition has a MAM of 750Kg or less and so you’re fine as you aren’t allowed to tow trailers over 750Kg on the roads in this country unless they have some kind of brakes. The chances are that anything that does have brakes has a MAM of more than 750Kg and therefore you need C+E to tow it.

I would guess that with the right trailer (i.e. an unbraked one) you can easily get a combination that allows you to legally tow a quad bike on a trailer behind an 18t rigid on a category C licence.


you aren’t allowed to tow trailers over 750Kg on the roads in this country unless they have some kind of brakes

unless you’re a farmer…

…in which case you dont need, number plates, treaded tyres, lights (and if you don they dont have to work) or suspension. :laughing:

some great answers…thanks very much for all words. will investigate trailer and see if its plated.