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On from my last set of questions, cause I thought I’d gone on enough for one page.

I am thinking of approaching the likes of maritime, Wincanton for Sub work. Can anyone tell me what and how they pay drivers to haul? I’m thinking from much older questions on this forum that they pay so much a mile, has that changed?

Can anyone give me any idea as to how much new trailer hire is going to cost me?
What would be the best to go for or which is in more demand, a box trailer or curtain sider?
I mentioned previously that I’m thinking, still, of driving for myself. Can anyone give me some up to date figures on how much it may cost/ I’m thinking Mercedes Actros or Volvo. Maybe also some idea as to fuel usage and which would be best.
I’m thinking on the face of it that the main costs to doing it yourself are as follows!!!
2.Unit/trailer cost
5.Operator centre
6.Road tax
Anymore anyone may want to tell me about that I’ve over looked?
I’m thinking from what someone said to me that I need to employ a transport manager! is that really correct with me just running one truck for myself? If so how much would that cost me too? Would it pay for me to get qualified and be my own Tran’ Magr or isn’t it allowed to be a driver and your own at the same time?

You can hire a curtainsider for £64+Vat a week.
Insurance depends on age, experience, vehicle and location as well as factors such as value or products in transit and also the types of things you will carry.

We run a unit on maritime and despite what some on here say the work seems ok so far (early days)

If you are the owner driver then wages arent so much of an issue as profit. Fuel depends on how heavy your right foot is.

The best bet to get the answers which are most relevant to yourself is to actually go out and get quotes.

Just to answer a couple of these points.

If you subcontract to the companies you mention, you will pay around £100 per week for trailer hire.

VAT isn’t an expense. You add it to your invoices, you reclaim the VAT you lay out, every three months you forward the difference to HMRC. In essence you are an unpaid tax collector. But it is not a cost to your business.

Yes, you will need a CPC holder even with only one vehicle. It will cost you around £250 per month to hire a transport manager, or around £1,200 to obtain your own CPC so obviously it makes financial sense to get your own, and yes, you can be your own transport manager, many of us are.

Sorry to sound silly, but have you actually sat down and worked out a business plan? Most of those questions would be answered in that.

Who does the trailer hire for that price saxton? Seems cheapest ever.
Don’t listen to negative Norris’s kitozz, crack on.

Insurance £2500 one driver fully comp
£5000 for a ok mot’d trailer.
Fuel is what it is. 50 pence a mile.
Tyres £200/£300
Op centre £150 a month, usually gets you use of a steam cleaner, maybe a pit
Road tax £700-£1200 a year
Unit , buy at 8k minimum or rent brand new £380 with maintenance

Who does the trailer hire for that price saxton? Seems cheapest ever. … rofi-liner-Trailers-4864

Thanks saxton

Hi,im new to the forum.
Ive been doing agency work for about 5 yrs now, its what i enjoy doing, cant really handle all the bs the full time drivers have to put up with from most firms. Ive been toying with the idea of getting my own motor on the road but like most guys dont know the ins and outs of it. I could scrape togeather the finances for insurances, O licence etc but my big question is this,is it worthwhile doing? I clear between 500 and 700 a week depending on what shifts i do. What kind of take home would i expect after expenses,■■ Not looking for exact figures, just a rough ballpark will do. Im thinking do i need the headache i imagine what operators have?? Its a rewards to hassle ratio i think.
Cheers in advance