Regardless of someone else experience with one company you need to speak to your company about it. I would imagine most cannot cover someone for that long other than for maternity leave and reasonably expect to still have a job left open for them. Depends on your employer and you and you work record mostly I would guess.

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I would have thought a Blue Chip company would have had a rather comprehensive employees handbook and an HR department that would answer your questions.

But like Simcor I would have thought it would be unlikely unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Wife died age 38 I’m 45. Don’t want to be away for 15 hours a day for a while due to kids house etc.

Very sorry to hear that mate. I’d suggest you talk to their HR department, any decent firm will accommodate whatever you need to do.

Sorry for your loss, I am sure if you explain the situation to your boss/HR department then they would be very understanding. That is probably the best way of doing it, put it top of the list to do in the morning.

Wife died age 38 I’m 45. Don’t want to be away for 15 hours a day for a while due to kids house etc.

Words from a stranger probably seem a little hollow, but you do have my deepest sympathy and I understand why you’d want to be with your children.

I was afraid you were asking for something like this, as I said exceptional circumstances and these are, but really you need to talk to your HR department for clarification.
I hope there is something they can do to help you.

Just do it, family more important and you need them as much as they need you. If job isn’t saved for you there is others out there.
Sorry for your loss mate.

Sorry to hear about your wife , it is not safe to drive a lorry while grieving.
Do not be afraid to see the Doctor and get signed off for depression and anxiety for the time you need .
If you need anti depression medicine, ask for it.
The best cure without pills is long walks in windy weather to blow away the cobwebs .
Every employer contract differs, some allow a few days after a death, and some just one day off for the funeral.
Get signed off on line by doing a self service SSP for the first week off work then for after that a Doctor will do the SSP.
The reason for off work must be over four days to get SSP.
My advice to you, book a holiday in the sun or a cruise, do not feel bad to start dating again.
Join the gym, clubs, dancing classes, enrol at college for night classes to meet nice ladies,
Do not date them from pubs and night clubs.
If the date fails, move on for the right one.
God bless, and good luck.

We have had people take a leave of absence and they were told they won’t be guaranteed a job when they get back but if anything is available they will be top of the list.

Sorry for your loss friend. I can’t see it being an issue with the company. Speak to them and would be very surprised if they said no.
Again sorry to hear it work should be your last at this time.

If your Doctor does sign off long term, its an ideal time to take up a new hobby such as painting, pottery, IT, computer skills or Open University for a degree .
Get the bike out for green lane rides .
If sat at home, buy crossword puzzles to keep the mind sharp .
Forgot lorry driving for now .
Buy some bar bell weights to keep fit at home.
Keep off the ■■■■ and booze, if possible .

Indeed sorry for your loss, obviously we didn’t know that before hand, but a decent employer should be supportive of your circumstances but what their legal obligations are I have no idea. Either way family is rather more important than work is, yes it may be a struggle money wise but also talk to your employer and seed if you can do some part time hours if you feel up to it to keep some money coming in. All depends on you and your situation but sometimes some work and getting out of the house helps some people.
Again words from a stranger but you have my deepest sympathy for you and your family.

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Thoughts are with you first , I think it depends who you work for and who deals with your problem , when our little lad was born stillborn I was just told too take as much time as I needed off and forget the job , make sure Mrs was ok , they rang on a regular basis to see if there was anything they could do for us , Mrs got a lovely card , flowers .
When my brother r was dying with mnd I asked for help with as short shifts as I could get as I was lifting him from his bed too wheelchair , lifting him up for carers too wash him etc as he was at the stage he couldn’t do anything himself , and too be honest I just wanted too spend the little time he had left with him , I was told when I asked for help we have 20 other drivers with problems :exclamation: , not 20 who’s brother has little time too live .
As I say I think the answer is who you work for , who you speak too

It happened very suddenly on 4 Dec. She fell off her horse and hit her head. It’s been 7 weeks but I got no appetite for driving a truck for now but was going to get a part time local taxi job for a bit. If they don’t keep my job I’m not too bothered but will ask soon. Thank you for all your thoughts and wishes

Once again, I’m so sorry for your loss. Speak to the HR Department, but your job isn’t your main priority now. I’ve posted on other threads about cab driving, there isn’t a lot of money in it but it does fit in well with needing to spend time at home, and being able to get home within a few minutes’ notice.

My sincere and deepest thoughts are with you and your family .

As many have already said, you must take as much time as you need to help you grieve.

Exceptional circumstances require exceptional solutions and you fit that criteria drive.

Remember, there is always someone on here should you need to chat or ask for help. Don’t, don’t bottle anything up, never. One thing about trucknet is we all actually do care. There are many people on here who can advise you.

All the best for the future for you and your family drive.

Is it this?

dailypost.co.uk/news/north-w … m-12329145

Hope you don’t mind me posting it, I’ll pull it if you do but it seemed such a warm tribute. I will just advise others that it is a very distressing read.

Company who I work for they let you take a Career Break, I’m not sure of how it works but I know of a couple of lads who are on them now and gone travelling for a year in australia.

As has been said the best people to talk to about it will be your HR dept.

Real sorry to hear about your loss, hope your company gives you the break you are looking for.

Sorry for you loss, all employers must be flexible, They may not let you have a leave of absence but may give you reduced hours for hours to suit your situation, I would make note of all conversations and have them in writing to protect your self, I cant see any decent company not trying their best to help you out.