Top night out with Arla Foods

A great night out,

Went to Oakthorpe with 27000 ltrs of milk. On the way I did get stuck in a bit of Stonehenge and M25 traffic but not too emotional… I did however have a bit of a moment when I thought I could be a bit of a smart ar$e and go via Stonehenge to get around the A303 stall. This however ended up with me and another firm’s tanker doing a U turn in the Stonehenge car park… Really should of remembered they had closed the Shrewton road :blush:

After going through Larkhill I still managed to get ahead even if it w only about 10 mins.

I got to Oakthorpe after a 4 hour journey - this is normally a 3 hour trip! Just to compound time issues There was a massive delay for everyone there as a certain member of staff was the slowest person since reversing snails in glue was found to be funny :exclamation:

Well after a couple of hours it was my turn to get into a bay… With the help of a couple of veteran drivers I got into bay 6 after the fourth attempt…I worked up a bit of a sweat I don’t mind telling you. But as a brand new artic driver I also don’t mind telling you that I very much appreciated the help and top tips that these experienced drivers gave freely without any of that sniggering and looking down of noses that you too often hear about.

Another two hours later it was then time to get myself up to Hatfield Perival to drop of the empty and pick up a full cream tanker. I went via the North circular to the A12 then straight up to junc. 20a. Quickly did the switch then after all the checks and security tags were in place started to make my way back to Westbury.

Got to Westbury at 0715 hrs, dropped the Tanker off and then got back to the new transport yard in Westbury just in time to do my last parade checks and log out for the 15 hrs rule.

Ashamedly I didn’t have time to refuel which is something I detest doing… I’ve been on the receiving side of un-fuelled wagons before and it’s something I have a pet hate about.

But all in all a great night out with some useful experiences and a new found respect for those that know more. I hope that one day I can give that kind of help to new drivers when I get more experience.

Good on you, sounds like an eventful first shift! Is that working for Arla direct or through an agency then? I live in town and saw the planning application months ago for the new yard, does that mean all the vehicles from Hardings yard in Frome are now based next to the plant at North Acre?


I’m working through BES agency. The Frome depot is now closed as far as I’m aware so yes it’s all now next to the Dairy at North Acre.

Say Hello to Geoff for me at BES. Does the boss still have a helicopter to visit his other agencies?

Cheap subsidised canteens at most Arla depots.Free milk too.Ashby is not bad.Have you done the big dairy farm off the Tiverton by pass.Narrow lane then if miss the turning to the farm you get stuck in the village and call a crane firm to lift you out.
The slope on the farm freezes up in the winter and the tractor or digger will tow you up the hill.