Tomtom 5150 worth the money?

Thought I would post this as been browsing in here for a few hours tonight,

I’m class one, and have never gone wrong with my cheap as chips fleabay ■■■■ nav in and out of London and beyond, until a can of pop burst and destroyed it…

Build quality was very poor, but lasted for 12 months or more and for the price was amazing, 7" clear screen.

Brought myself a 5150 tomtom now, I’m so disappointed for£300+ the Bluetooth dosnt work anymore (3 weeks in), the live services are good for a car but any simple route on truck mode takes 20-30 mins to work out, and from France keeps trying to take me to dunkerque port instead of calais or the eurotunnell, even if I put them as a poi, what are others thoughts on said product? I’ve contacted tomtom through Halfords with no response and I’m gutted. The chineese sat nav.didn’t have updates, but for the price it was a great bit of kit!!



Have you tried one of Trucktables sat nav?

Snooper 7500 …the dogs ,got mine out of trucking mag and its bang on ,the tv is great when you are waiting to tip ,easy to use aswell :sunglasses:

I’ve used a new snooper, borrowed it to get me to a drop in London and I’m sorry but I hated it!!!

The screen was unresponsive and unclear directions

It kept wining that I was In a 7.5t zone without trying to help me out, ended up using my Xperia z2 Google maps, no problem.

When it comes to tv’s these china-navs can come with freeview for about 70 quid, any experience with these?