TomTom 5150 owners question

can u set more than one truck profile ? is the iq route thing good ? is it loud enough ? is it voice activated if so i it any good thxs guys

The truck profile is very easy to change, takes less than a minute. Not sure on the IQ routes, I just program it in, check the map and drive on. It’s more than loud enough too.

It is voice activated but I never use it that way. To be honest I rarely use mine now and only have it on when I go to a new customer. It’s a great tool though as far as sat navs go.

I use mine regular but only so it puts out where the hold ups/diversions are etc. I’ve had it running with IQ routes off and haven’t noticed much difference in the routing. Easy to use and set up but it could be made a tad easier (for us lazy ones on trunk runs!) where it could store a previous route so that you could just select it, instead of doing the whole planning bit!

Nb…the traffic info is excellent most of the time…if someone remembers to send the info to whoever keeps the system updated!

Sometimes when you drive along it says, The traffic delay on your route are 10 mins there is a 2 min faster route do you want to change it? And you can touch the screen or shout yes or no! :smiley:
I had couple of tom tom’s before. Touchscreen is realy nice. Bright. Shouts names or numbers of roads where you have to turn.