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I have a Tom Tom 135, (my super duper one was stolen). can I up load low bridges on it? I was told there was a CD available. :question:

Register for this site and see the downloads section from the menu…

It appears they now require you to subscribe for a full 12 months (£19.99) where you used to be able to just subscribe for 1 month for £2.00

does it have a sd card slot? my tomtom has died but i still have the sd card with the truck maps loaded

hope these help, this is what ive got on my tomtom, they are the ones that are on tomtom home plus what ive updated and added over time
just add them to where your poi’s are stored, usually the map folder but make sure for yours

weights heights.rar (64.6 KB)

hope these help…

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I use these ones
poi.rar (1.13 MB)
they are a lot better organised than the ones above by roundup
each category contains all bridges that are under the stated height…eg the 14’0 category contains all bridges 14’0 and lower so
if you have a 14’0 trailer, you only need one poi category displaying on your tomtom which helps with the speed the map displays at when browsing
also included are speech files which warn you of a low bridge approaching
just copy them into the map folder along with the .ov2 and .bmp files
heres a guide on how to set them up
you can test them by preparing a route that runs under a low bridge in car mode and running at in demo mode at 100% speed

to setup the speech files, select change preferances/ manage pois/ warn when near poi
now select the bridge category and enter the distance
next select sound effect and tap done
it should now ask you if this is the sound you want to hear, select yes (older tomtoms played the speech file at this point but newer ones do not
now repeat the above for all the lowbridge pois and your done :smiley:

i have been testing this on my own tomtom as i type and it has gone into a loop of distance, sound effect, distance, sound effect etc
over and out

In order to use the ogg files you must ensure “Sound Effect” is selected when configuring your POI Warnings. if you have correctly installed the matching .ogg files then this will be the default selection for all POIs that have an accompanying .ogg file of the same name:

i wouldn’t consider them better myself without trying, only downside to the sound notification is when you get close within the distance set and you are not on route to go under the poi you will still get the warning which I found irritating, can always not bother with the audio file, the choice is with the user.
personally I would prefer seeing actual bridge heights and weights at their location rather than being warned it is below a set height if my understanding of the roundup is correct,
another problem with having the poi’s set up in the manner you describe is adding new heights/weights… if you wanted to add a weight height to yours you would need to update many poi’s rather than just the one that is correspondent to the weight/height that need updating in mine,I know the user will only need to use one of your poi’s at any selected time but what if the users height or weight changed? all the updates to the selected poi are lost and cannot be transferred over to any of the others, keeping the weights/heights individual and specific means they can transfer the poi’s as is to another device with all updates intact. also reflected in the amont of data in your poi’s is larger than the one I have provided, if they added all your poi’s so they can change the poi to suit, some sat navs struggle for space.

please don’t think I am being picky regarding your poi’s, it is just I have used similar or the same as you have and decided to go the route with mine as it is more accurate over time.
please be more specific with the operation/description of yours if I am wrong so anyone interested in these poi’s can decide which they would prefer.

I use a 5150pro which even though it is truck specific, it still does not have the heights/weights as a visible icon on the map, with my poi’s showing this information it makes my device perfect for my needs

for the information of the users the ones I posted have the weight/height at the correct location with a corresponding icon visible at the location on the device map giving the weight/height on that icon in a easy to read manner, there is no audio warning provided but one from the list supplied with your satnav is easily set up but possibly time consuming as each weight/height has its own poi section to add a sound too

there’s a setting for the sound to play only when the bridge is on your route, you will find it when your setting the warnings
if you dont want the speech warnings, dont copy them into your map folder

Can I thank the members who posted replies to my Tom Tom question, they were very helpful. :